Thursday, January 18, 2001

This journal is about the video that we watched called, Skin Deep. This video didn't bother me in a negative way. By being an African American here at USI, makes me a minority and this movie kind of flipped the script. It made Anglo-Saxon or Europeans feel like the minority for only a weekend, however during that weekend they know how the minorities at their colleges feel. I don't think that it attacked anyone, but the hard thing was getting people to open up. Kinda like this class, once everyone is comfortable; they too will open up and share their opinions. Until then, I think that we should get into small groups and have discussions. In the video, the students were placed in small groups and slowly one by one they began to open up. When it came time for them to talk as a whole; they felt a little better having spoke in the smaller groups first before having to speak in front of everyone.