Wednesday, March 21, 2001

The presentation on women roles had some important women involved, but I hope d that they would have had some other women involved then the ones they had picked. This presentation was as interesting as the other ones. I did like us being in small groups and trying to remember who the people were that were on the board. I am also proud to say that I remembered just about everyone on the board. Women roles are important and we are constanly being compared to the role of men. The small argument in class should not have happen if we could have remember that here in American there is a constant reminder of who is doing what how he or she did it and that no one would have thought of it. Like the first sandwich if one drunken guy would not have put two slices of bread together who is to say that no one else had done it before he did it in front of a lot of people and one step further, that one one else would have thought to do it if he would not have done it....Think about it.
The presentatioon of Native Americans was interesting. The interviews the girls had, I thought that the Native American woman would have felt differently as to living here(Evansville) rather than on their own reserve. Hearing about their struggles on medical care and wanting their children to have certain careers in order to help out their people doesn't sound quite right. It seems that sure their communtity needs certain people to fill certain positions however, it didn't sound like the children are able to decide for themselves on what they want to do. I wish they would have enough time to finish their presentation.
The Japanese of way of living speech was quite interesting. The way they take their shoes off before entering their home. Some americans have their company take their shoes off if it is raining, or if they have just shampooed the carpet, or have just moved into a new house. During this speech, I was constantly comparing Japaese traditions to American Tradtition and sometimes I was able to tie it into certain cultures other than just Americans. There are some people in here in Evansville that have are growing a garden in the Japanese tradition and I have read in the Newspaper that people are using Japanese recipes for sick children and that gardening and other traditions the Japanese has helped the Evansville community to make their homes better and lift their spiritis higher.
This journal is about the age discrimination speech on tuesday. I do agree that age discrimination is real and that it can happen to anyone despite the age. However, there a some people that promote the discrimination based on age. Like these teenagers that have heard or seen other teenagers wrestling some smaller and younger than they are and killing them. After seein gall of this happening, why woyuld one either A. continure to support wrestling bywatching it and going to the events or B. try to wrestle someone half their size and younger than they are. After another teenager "accidentally{" kills somesone by wrestling, then they want to be tried as a "child", but when they're wrestling they pretend to be some masked man who is an "adult" and knows what they are doing. There are some teenagers that are discriminated against and from what I can tell, the adults or whoever are looking at the teenager's peers and forming their opinions. Once everyone open their eyes and see that each human being is their oown person, then the discrimination will begin to decrease and hopefully disappear.