Wednesday, April 11, 2001

The presentation on African Americans went well. I think that the group really hit some interesting facts. I only wish that Anna would have call me for some information. I could have told her about my family and how many other african american families are like mine. In my family, before marriage there must be a strong work bond or a good education because each child is expected to keep having children. On my father's side, he wants his name to go on and on my mother's side if at all possible; have plenty on children. Children is the key to eternal happiness and the more one has, the better the life one lives or so I am told. After growing up around my granny, I want six children and maybe I could adopt one. This also represents a strong family bond. Everything else Anna said about our national athem is true. We had to learn it in its entirety by fourth grade. Christamas and other major holidays are traditions because we do the same thing and give thanks for each holiday it what it brought to us. I do not celebrate Honuka, but we do know the meaning of it and try to live our lives based upon the seven principles that the candles represent. There is so much more information out there, I wish I had time for my mom to send me some of the things that they could have used as visual aids.